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Whether your goal is to grow your studio, increase profits, win better projects, streamline operations, boost brand awareness, or expand your network, we've got you covered!

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    Grow your network by connecting with designers, industry experts, and collaborators who share your vision and passion

    Running an interior design
    business is hard

    Running an interior design business is tough. You have to wear many hats and every day comes with its own set of challenges: the constant search for the right clients, the complexity of setting profitable prices for projects, and the overwhelming task of marketing your business effectively.
    Then there’s the juggling act of managing clients, contractors and trades, all while striving to deliver outstanding results. On top of all this, there’s the battle of dealing with self-doubt and often feeling like you’re figuring everything out alone.

    This is the reality for many in our field, but at Business & Interiors, we believe your journey should be filled with confidence and support, not just challenges.

    run, streamline and grow your interior design business

    Together is better

    At Business & Interiors, we envision a path where you feel empowered and backed by a strong community. Our mission is to transform the multifaceted challenges of running an interior design business into manageable tasks, opening doors to new opportunities and smoother paths to profitability and excellence.

    Our focused workshops, masterclasses, and networking events are designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and insights you need for success. Learning from experts and peers, you'll turn uncertainties into confidence.

    But It's not just about skills and knowledge, it's the connections and support that make the difference. Our group coaching sessions, personal mentoring, and community meetups offer a nurturing environment to overcome self-doubt and celebrate your achievements, recognizing the true value of your work and talent.

    If you're looking to take your interior design business to the next level and need a supportive network for those times you feel stuck, Business & Interiors is here to help

    Join a community that's always got your back, and find new connections that unlock exciting opportunities.

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      Membership Benefits


      Workshops & Masterclasses

      Join engaging live training sessions on Zoom every month, covering a wide array of topics such as effective marketing strategies, lead generation techniques, comprehensive pricing systems, client management best practices, efficient project coordination, and much more.

      Don't worry if you miss a live event - every workshop and masterclass is recorded and available on-demand, so you can access and revisit these valuable resources at your convenience.


      Group Coaching & Mentoring

      Gain invaluable insights through our monthly group coaching calls, where you can dive into discussions about the most pressing issues and topics that directly impact your business, offering a platform for collaborative problem-solving and sharing of best practices.

      For more personalised guidance, you have the option to book one-on-one mentoring sessions. These tailored interactions provide an opportunity for in-depth support, allowing you to address specific challenges and goals in your interior design journey.


      Meet-ups & IRL Events

      Receive exclusive invitations to community meetups, where you can engage with fellow members. These meetups are more than just gatherings; they are a chance to build lasting relationships, exchange ideas, and learn from the diverse experiences of other interior design professionals.

      Additionally, you'll have access to live talks and networking events, designed to broaden your professional network and open doors to new opportunities. These events are curated to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and fellow designers, providing a rich environment for forming new connections.

      ... And much more

      The membership community for interior design businesses, David Del Greco and Cinzia Moretti

      Meet The Founders

      Business & Interiors was founded by David Del Greco, an expert in interior design marketing, and Cinzia Moretti of the award-winning Moretti Interior Design.
      Our partnership represents the fusion of our collective experiences, successfully building a thriving interior design studio from the ground up and leveraging innovative marketing techniques to elevate other interior design businesses not just in the UK, but globally.

      We've faced and overcome the same challenges common in our industry, and we know how isolating, frustrating, and overwhelming it can be. This is exactly why we created Business & Interiors: to pass on our extensive knowledge and provide guidance and support to other interior design businesses on similar journeys.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Business & Interiors stands out from other interior design business courses and coaching programs primarily due to its all-in-one platform approach. We uniquely blend online training, group coaching, one-to-one mentoring and real-life meetups and events, offering a comprehensive experience tailored to the modern interior designer’s needs.

        Our training is structured into concise workshops and masterclasses, allowing you the flexibility to attend live sessions or watch on demand content that resonates most with your current needs and goals. Say goodbye to long, drawn-out courses or extensive coaching programs!

        At Business & Interiors, we deliver a variety of workshops and masterclasses twice a month, with topics covering key areas including marketing, lead generation, effective client management, developing and implementing pricing systems, efficient project coordination, brand development, sales and proposals, navigating contracts, and much more

        Our group coaching sessions at Business & Interiors are structured to provide maximum value and relevance to our members. These sessions occur once a month and are conducted via Zoom, making them accessible no matter where you are.

        Each group coaching call is tailored to adapt to our members’ evolving needs. Typically, sessions are focused on tackling the most pressing issues that our members are currently facing in their interior design businesses. Additionally, a part of these sessions involves sharing experiences and insights. This exchange not only enriches the learning environment but also fosters a sense of community and mutual support among our members.

        Yes, at Business & Interiors, we offer one-on-one mentoring for members who require personalized advice on specific issues they are facing in their interior design business. To ensure that these sessions are as effective and beneficial as possible, our process begins with a preliminary step.

        Before the mentoring session, we provide a brief questionnaire for you to fill out. This questionnaire is designed to give us an overview of your specific goals and the challenges you’re currently facing. By understanding your unique situation and objectives in advance, we can tailor the mentoring session to your needs, ensuring that the time spent together is focused and maximizes the value you receive.

        At Business & Interiors, we offer three distinct membership tiers to cater to the varying needs and preferences of our members, with fees starting at £35 per month.

        Depending on the tier chosen, members can enjoy a variety of benefits. These include access to our workshops, masterclasses, and group coaching sessions. Additionally, higher tiers provide members with extra perks such as exclusive discounts on our range of templates and resources, reduced rates for one-to-one mentoring sessions, and access to private online groups.

        Absolutely, architects are more than welcome to become members of Business & Interiors. In fact, much of our training and coaching content is highly applicable not only to interior designers but also to architectural practices, landscape designers, and interior decorators.

        Moreover, your presence as an architect, landscape designer and interior decorator will contribute to the diversity of our community and offer new perspectives.

        Definitely, Business & Interiors is an ideal platform for students who are on the cusp of launching their own interior design studio. As you embark on this exciting professional journey, our platform offers a wealth of resources and support tailored to your unique needs. By becoming a member, you’ll gain access to our extensive workshops and masterclasses, which cover a wide range of topics crucial for starting and running a successful studio. These sessions are led by industry experts and provide practical, real-world insights.

        Additionally, our group coaching and personalized mentoring can guide you through the specific challenges you’ll face as a new studio owner, from client management to establishing your brand.

        Certainly, as a supplier, there are numerous opportunities for collaboration with Business & Interiors. These include options like hosting our events and design tours, as well as promoting your brand through our platform and various marketing channels. We’re always excited to explore mutually beneficial partnerships that can bring added value to our community.

        To discuss collaboration and partnership options in more detail, please feel free to reach out to us at

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