Interior Design Mentoring

At Business and Interiors, we offer one-to-one mentoring tailored for interior designers seeking personalised business advice. We understand that each interior design business owner faces unique challenges and has individual aspirations. That’s why our mentoring sessions are customized to provide you with specific advice and actionable strategies that empower your path to success, whatever this means for you.
Whether you aim to attract more clients, improve your marketing, streamline your operations, or increase your revenue and profits, our mentors bring a wealth of industry experience to the table.
Our objective is to help you overcome your current challenges and enhance your confidence so that you can elevate your business to the next level.

What to Expect from Your Interior Design Mentoring Session

During your interior design mentoring session, you’ll receive a personalized and supportive experience designed to address your most pressing questions with actionable recommendations.

We'll start by delving into your current challenges, pain points, and areas where you need guidance. We’ll also discuss your professional objectives, aspirations, and immediate priorities to be addressed.

Based on this understanding, we’ll offer tailored advice that directly tackles your specific needs.

After each session, you'll receive a clear roadmap with actionable steps and practical strategies that you can implement in your interior design business right away.

Your Interior Design Mentors

David Del Greco

David Del Greco is a seasoned interior design brand and marketing specialist. With years of experience in the industry, David brings deep insights into building compelling brands, crafting effective marketing strategies, and driving sales growth.
His expertise encompasses a wide range of key areas, including brand and marketing plan development, social media strategy, website design, targeted advertising, lead generation, content creation and AI for marketing and sales.

With his guidance, you can expect personalized advice that will help your interior design business stand out from the competition and excel in the digital space and beyond.

£450 per hour

Cinzia Moretti

Cinzia Moretti is an established interior designer and studio owner who, over the past decade, has transformed her business into an award-winning studio with a talented team and a portfolio of projects across the UK and abroad.
With her extensive experience, Cinzia empowers other interior design business owners to optimize their processes and pricing models, ultimately boosting profitability. She also offers valuable insights into efficiently managing projects and fostering relationships with clients and contractors.
Her expert guidance equips interior design businesses to streamline operations with proven systems, elevate client satisfaction, and ultimately achieve a more profitable bottom line.

£450 per hour

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