A membership designed for every stage of your interior design business

Whether you aim to grow your studio, boost profits, win better projects, streamline processes, enhance brand visibility, or expand your network, we've got it all covered!

Do these challenges resonate with you?

You face unpredictable client flow that makes it hard to plan and grow financially. You want a steady income that lets you invest back into your business and achieve your personal goals.

You are overwhelmed by operational tasks and struggle to set prices that match your worth. You aim to simplify your processes and effectively managing contracts and project scopes to boost profitability.

You struggle to stand out in a competitive market and are uncertain on how to implement effective brand and marketing strategies to attract your ideal clients and win the right projects.

Then Business and Interiors is for you

Get the knowledge, coaching and community your business needs to grow and thrive


Join our monthly live Zoom training sessions covering topics like marketing strategies, lead generation, pricing, client management, project coordination, and more.

Missed a live event? No problem—all sessions are recorded and available on-demand, letting you access and revisit these valuable resources whenever you like.


Gain invaluable insights with our monthly group coaching calls, discussing common business issues and collaborative problem-solving.

For personalized guidance, you can book one-on-one mentoring sessions to tackle specific challenges that you are facing with your interior design business.


Receive exclusive invitations to community meetups to connect with fellow members, build valuable relationships, and learn from the diverse experiences of other interior design professionals.

You'll also have access to live talks and networking events to expand your professional network and open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.


Become part of a supportive network of interior design business owners that prioritises community over competition.

Our goal is to foster a supportive environment where members can grow together through shared knowledge, encouragement, and mutual support.


Get access to seasoned interior design business owners and industry experts, offering expert-led training and coaching sessions.

By tapping into the expertise of successful professionals, members gain a unique advantage in navigating the complexities of running and growing their interior design business.

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Why Business and Interiors

At Business and Interiors, we harness the extensive knowledge and rich experience of our founders, David Del Greco and Cinzia Moretti, to empower interior design studio owners like you to succeed.
David brings profound expertise in brand development and marketing, while Cinzia offers insights from her experience in building an award-winning interior design studio operating internationally. Together they provide a unique perspective that is perfectly suited to guide you through the complexities of establishing a thriving interior design business.
Our platform offers a holistic experience, skillfully combining expert-led training, group coaching, networking opportunities, and a supportive community into one cohesive package. This approach ensures that our members receive practical advice, professional connections, and peer support necessary to navigate their challenges effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business and Interiors is a membership community dedicated to helping interior designers confidently run, streamline, and grow their businesses while forging valuable connections along the way.

Business and Interiors distinguishes itself from other interior design courses and coaching programs with its all-in-one platform. We offer a unique mix of online live and on-demand workshops, group coaching, one-to-one mentoring, and live networking tailored for today’s interior designers.
Business and Interiors caters to interior designers, interior architects, and decorators—both new and established—who are looking to enhance their processes, acquire new clients, increase profitability, improve marketing and streamline operations, all while building new relationships.

Our annual membership costs £39 per month or £390 per year, saving you £78.

There is no joining fee.

At Business and Interiors, we offer a diverse range of monthly workshops covering topics such as marketing, lead generation, client management, pricing strategies, project coordination, brand development, sales, navigating contracts, and more.

No worries! If you’re unable to attend a live workshop, you can easily access the recorded session at any time. Simply log in to your dashboard and visit the ‘Past Recordings’ section under events to catch up at your convenience.
Our group coaching sessions are conducted on Zoom and are specifically tailored to address the changing needs of our members, focusing on the most urgent challenges in their interior design businesses. These sessions also encourage the sharing of experiences and insights, enhancing learning and fostering a strong community among members

We organize a diverse array of in-person events, including informal meet-ups, live talks, panel discussions, design tours, and CPD training sessions.

Absolutely! Architects are more than welcome to become members of Business & Interiors. In fact, much of our training and coaching content is highly applicable not only to interior designers but also to architectural practices, landscape designers, and interior decorators.
Yes, at Business and Interiors, we offer one-on-one mentoring for those who require personalized advice on specific issues they are facing in their interior design business. Please visit our mentoring page for more details: link
Certainly! As a supplier, you can collaborate with us in several ways. Opportunities include hosting events and design tours and promoting your brand through our platform and extensive marketing channels. For more information and to explore all partnership possibilities, please visit our ‘Become a Partner’ page: link

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