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Business and Interiors is an exclusive membership community crafted to empower interior designers to confidently run, streamline, and grow their businesses.

We aim to be a strong support system that guides you through the complexities of building a profitable interior design business and connects you with others on a similar path.

Through expert-led training, group coaching, meet-ups and networking events, our mission is to share our expertise, offer unwavering support, and cultivate a community where design businesses can grow and thrive together.

We're dedicated to playing a pivotal role in your professional and personal growth, providing you with the strategies, tools and insights essential for success.

Meet David

Hi, I’m David Del Greco, the co-founder of Business and Interiors.

My journey in the interior design industry began over a decade ago, working with renowned design events like Decorex International and co-leading a design PR and social media agency. It was through these experiences I understood the core challenge faced by interior design businesses: standing out and winning in a highly competitive market and ever-evolving digital landscape. This led me to establish Contrasto, an interior design marketing agency, in 2017 with a mission to revolutionize the way interior design companies approach marketing.

Throughout my career, I've worked with top 100 House & Garden interior designers and newly-formed studios, gaining insights across the spectrum of the design industry and understanding what strategies work to propel your business to the next level.

At Business and Interiors, my commitment is to empower our community by sharing the strategies and tools necessary for our members to transform their brands, generate leads, attract new clients, and build successful interior design businesses.

Meet Cinzia

Hello! I'm Cinzia Moretti, the founder and creative director of Moretti Interior Design, a luxury interior design studio based in West London, and co-founder of Business and Interiors.

My journey in design started with a BA Hons in Design and Innovation and continued with a post-graduate diploma in Interior Design.

Fuelled by a belief in the profound impact of spaces on our well-being, I developed a design philosophy that blends behavioural and colour psychology with biophilia, ensuring every space we create deeply connects with those who inhabit it. This approach, along with relentless dedication, has steered our studio to success. We've built a skilled team, won a few awards, and are now proudly working on several projects throughout the UK and abroad.

As a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), I've been able to share my expertise with fellow interior designers, fueling my commitment to supporting our members at Business and Interiors. I'm here to guide you through the industry's complexities, build your confidence in running your studio, and help you deliver impactful and profitable projects.

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